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I got to say that it is getting boring reporting nothing but here goes. Friday I hunted the morning and afternoon – nothing seen. Saturday I hunted the morning and a few hours in the afternoon – nothing. Called it quits on Saturday after 2 hours in a downpour. Sunday morning hunt – nothing. Monday afternoon hunt – nothing. Seen a few deer over the weekend. One real nice 8 pointer and a few doe but nothing in shooting range.

Come on gun season! I need to break this bad luck streak I have this year. Hunting Saturday-Monday near Roscoe. Private mountain – 4000 acres. Should be good……I hope.


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I am sure by now most people have seen the video of that MONSTER buck in Wisconsin. News came yesterday that the buck may have been taken by Bob Decker of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Could this beat the World Record Hansen Buck? As a local, Bob has hunted those woods since he was 18 years old. The video was filmed less than 1/2 mile from his hunting spot.

Congratulations to Bob on this buck of a lifetime!

To read the full article, visit Deer and Deer Hunting Online, Click Here

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I thought I would kick off November with a bang so I hunted Friday morning, Saturday morning and Sunday morning. Those were 3 of the most boring days I have spent in the woods. The deer just aren’t moving yet. Sunday was better than the previous 2 days. I seen a few doe in the morning. Because of the time change I didn’t get to my stand the usual 1 hr before light so I ended kicking up a bunch of deer walking into the property. The good news is that we are finally starting to see some life in the woods. The deer are moving and the bucks are sparring. This weekend should be very good!

On a good note, after the morning hunt on Sunday I decided to walk to a different spot on the property to pick out a tree to climb the next time I go. While walking to the stand we seen 2 doe in some high grass. They did not see us. My friend Tommy circled around to kick them up to me. Once they got wind of Tommy they took off running – DIRECTLY AT ME! I was positioned behind a large tree. The first deer ran past me about 1 foot away. It almost knocked me over. The second deer cam the same way. This time I stepped out from behind the tree. She SLAMMED on the brakes and took off in the opposite direction. I could not get a clean shot but it was very fun. That was the closest I have ever been to a deer that was still breathing.

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