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Found this video courtesy of YonkersJohn on YouTube. Nice little video. It amazes me how deer can survive the most adverse conditions.


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DEC releases New York Deer Take report for 2008. Westchester took 609 bucks. That works out to be 1.4 bucks per square mile. Not too far down from 2007s numbers. See full report here:

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I created a Hunting Fan page on Facebook. I think this could be a very cool place to share photos and stories from your hunts. If you are a Facebook user, Become a fan today and tell us some good hunting stories.


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I haven’t had anything good to report on since I didn’t get to go turkey hunting ONCE this spring! All of my hunting magazine subscriptions came in this month. That usually “wakes up” the hunter in me.

I’ve been practicing shooting and getting some decent pictures of some velvet bucks (pictures will be posted over the weekend). For some reason the buck movement has been good this week. I have seen 3 decent bucks, all different, around my house.

In the meantime, fishing has been the sport. Long Island Sound is the arena. I caught a few nice bass in my limited trips out. Today I am going fluke fishing – wish me luck.

I will update everyone with pictures this weekend. Enjoy the weather today. Looks like it will be a good one.

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