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I guess I left some scent behind…


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Found this guy on the camera last week. I haven’t seen him around at all this year. Hopefully he pops out sometime before the season is over.

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I went out yesterday and seen some great chasing. I was climbing down the tree to get ready to leave and a buck started running a doe down right around my tree. I was stuck 4 feet off the ground while these deer were tear-assing in circles around me (withint 10 yards. I couldn’t get my bow so I decided to grab my camera. Footage isn’t the best but the buck stopped right in front of me and gave me a nice pose.


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Well this was indeed a better week of hunting for me. The rut started showing signs of life and the bucks were on the move. I have seen some chasing but mainly it’s been a lot of seeking and the does are getting nervous. The weather has been better with temps dropping into the 40 degree range which has helped with deer movement. In addition to taking 2 doe from the town management property I was able to arrow a nice 9 point buck which scored roughly (and I mean rough… I did it myself) 130 Gross and 121 3/4 117 1/2 Gross and 108 3/4 with deductions (made a mistake the first time). (See pics below). Unfortunately I don’t think it will score a Pope and Young Buck but it is a World Record Buck in my book!

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On Sunday I moved my permanent stand at the town property. Although I still think the original spot will produce, I am just too close to the road that the residents (or as I like to call them, the trespassers) walk. I decided I should move it deeper into the woods… and I did. This morning I couldn’t wait to get into the stand to try out the new spot.

I put on a set those felt pads with the elastic that wrap on your boot to hold scent and loaded it up with doe estrous and started my 3/4 mile walk to the stand. I was hoping to lure the 9 pointer I seen on the camera out into the open. I got to the stand at 5:45am. It was a little later than I like, especially with the moon as bright as it was but I wasn’t too concerned. At 6:30am 2 doe started walking down the hill STRAIGHT to my stand. I was happy with the stand placement and the wind direction so I felt I could get one of these doe. The lead doe came into my area and turned quartering away and I shot… and she ran. The doe that was traveling with her ran in the opposite direction. I never seen her go down but I felt the shot was good.

Since it was so early and I had plenty of time left, I sat back down in the stand and continued to hunt. About 15 minutes later the second doe came back down the hill. This deer had no clue I was in the stand. She came to me and turned broadside at 10 yards. I drew and let another arrow fly. She ran and dropped about 40 yards from my stand after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a stone wall.

All-in-all it was a very good day. I was able to take 2 doe for the freezer and knock 2 doe from my deer management assistance quota. I am only going to post one of the deer since the picture with both isn’t pretty…

My first doe of the season


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Here are some pictures Mike sent me of some bucks he has harvested over the years including the 8 pointer he has taken in 2009 so far. These bucks were ALL taken from Westchester County, NY. Looks like a nice trophy room.


Mike's 8 pointer

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I just received this email. Nice looking deer was dropped in Pound Ridge on Wednesday. I am not sure who the hunter is but when I find out I will update the post.

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