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I guess I left some scent behind…


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Found this guy on the camera last week. I haven’t seen him around at all this year. Hopefully he pops out sometime before the season is over.

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I went out yesterday and seen some great chasing. I was climbing down the tree to get ready to leave and a buck started running a doe down right around my tree. I was stuck 4 feet off the ground while these deer were tear-assing in circles around me (withint 10 yards. I couldn’t get my bow so I decided to grab my camera. Footage isn’t the best but the buck stopped right in front of me and gave me a nice pose.


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Well this was indeed a better week of hunting for me. The rut started showing signs of life and the bucks were on the move. I have seen some chasing but mainly it’s been a lot of seeking and the does are¬†getting nervous. The weather has been better with temps dropping into the 40 degree range which has helped with deer movement. In addition to taking 2 doe from the town management property I was able to arrow a nice 9 point buck which scored roughly (and I mean rough… I did it myself) 130 Gross and 121 3/4 117 1/2 Gross and 108 3/4 with deductions (made a mistake the first time). (See pics below). Unfortunately I don’t think it¬†will score a Pope and Young Buck but it is a World Record Buck in my book!

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On Sunday I moved my permanent stand at the town property. Although I still think the original spot will produce, I am just too close to the road that the residents (or as I like to call them, the trespassers) walk. I decided I should move it deeper into the woods… and I did. This morning I couldn’t wait to get into the stand to try out the new spot.

I put on a set those felt pads with the elastic that wrap on your boot to hold scent and loaded it up with doe estrous and started my 3/4 mile walk to the stand. I was hoping to lure the 9 pointer I seen on the camera out into the open. I got to the stand at 5:45am. It was a little later than I like, especially with the moon as bright as it was but I wasn’t too concerned. At 6:30am 2 doe started walking down the hill STRAIGHT to my stand. I was happy with the stand placement and the wind direction so I felt I could get one of these doe. The lead doe came into my area and turned quartering away and I shot… and she ran. The doe that was traveling with her ran in the opposite direction. I never seen her go down but I felt the shot was good.

Since it was so early and I had plenty of time left, I sat back down in the stand and continued to hunt. About 15 minutes later the second doe came back down the hill. This deer had no clue I was in the stand. She came to me and turned broadside at 10 yards. I drew and let another arrow fly. She ran and dropped about 40 yards from my stand after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate a stone wall.

All-in-all it was a very good day. I was able to take 2 doe for the freezer and knock 2 doe from my deer management assistance quota. I am only going to post one of the deer since the picture with both isn’t pretty…

My first doe of the season


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Here are some pictures Mike sent me of some bucks he has harvested over the years including the 8 pointer he has taken in 2009 so far. These bucks were ALL taken from Westchester County, NY. Looks like a nice trophy room.


Mike's 8 pointer

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I just received this email. Nice looking deer was dropped in Pound Ridge on Wednesday. I am not sure who the hunter is but when I find out I will update the post.

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