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Here are some pictures Mike sent me of some bucks he has harvested over the years including the 8 pointer he has taken in 2009 so far. These bucks were ALL taken from Westchester County, NY. Looks like a nice trophy room.


Mike's 8 pointer


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I just received this email. Nice looking deer was dropped in Pound Ridge on Wednesday. I am not sure who the hunter is but when I find out I will update the post.

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I got an email from my friend. He forwarded this from his guide when he hunts in Montana. He said..

 Possible record Wolf

“I received this from my guide I hunted with in Montana. This Wolf was shot recently in Drayton Valley, Alberta..which is near Edmonton about 3 hours North of Calgary. The wolf weighs over 230lbs smashing the previous record of 175lbs. Wouldn’t want to run into this puppy in the woods. Apparently a bear hunter witnessed this wolf chase off a big black bear at his baiting station.”

I agree 100%! I have a 100 pound German Shepard and this dog makes my dog look like a poodle!

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I was emailed these photos yesterday. I am being told that they were caught on a trail cam in Stamford CT. What a great looking buck. Hopefully he finds his way to one of my spots. Has anyone seen this monster around? Post comments here. Click on the photos to see larger images.


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Bob's 8 point Ohio buck

Here is a pic my friend Bob sent me from his Ohio trip. He took a nice 8 Pointer. Best guess is a 2 1/2 yr old 170lb. The buck was taken earlier this year but it took me a while to post. Congratulations Bob!

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I am sure by now most people have seen the video of that MONSTER buck in Wisconsin. News came yesterday that the buck may have been taken by Bob Decker of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Could this beat the World Record Hansen Buck? As a local, Bob has hunted those woods since he was 18 years old. The video was filmed less than 1/2 mile from his hunting spot.

Congratulations to Bob on this buck of a lifetime!

To read the full article, visit Deer and Deer Hunting Online, Click Here

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I recently learned of a project in Missouri that mounted wireless camera’s to deer to give researchers a “Deer-Eye view” of daily events to get a clearer understanding of how deer move and interact in the wild. The research started on a 10 acre field with 11 captive deer – 2 bucks and a doe. The plan is to bring this technology to the wild and mount wireless cameras on free range deer.

I am fascinated with the idea that we could get a real time view from a deers perspective. This would help answer a lot of questions that hunters ask like “Is it too windy for the deer to move?”, “How long after the rain stops are the deer going to get up and move?” or the ever popular “Are the deer chasing yet?”. While doing some research I was unable to find a website with the video footage (If anyone knows where this is, please tell me) but I did find a few cool sites with wireless cameras pointed at feeders or fields (http://www.rd-hc.com/rdhc_deer_cam.htm).

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